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Bulk Purchasing


  • A minimum of 10 accounts submitted for evaluation.
  • Accounts must have a remaining term of 36 months or less.
  • Accounts must be aged at least 90 days (excluding pick-up payments).
  • Most lenders will complete customer verifications prior to closing. Customers should have a working phone and verifiable employment.

MYDEALERCAPITAL.COM can buy seasoned (and non-seasoned) accounts. However, 90 days of age will ensure maximized pricing and minimal reocourse.


The preferred method to send documents for pricing is a “data dump” or Excel export from your DMS (Dealer Management Software – i.e. Finance Express, Frazer, etc). If no DMS system, the following document copies are needed in order to evaluate an account:

  • Copy of Customer’s Credit Application.
  • Copy of Bill of Sale/Buyer’s Order.
  • Copy of Retail Installment Sales Contract.
  • Payment History

Once a file has been submitted or documents have been sent, MYDEALERCAPITAL.COM prides itself in getting an offer back to you within 24-48 hours.

MYDEALERCAPITAL.COM offers multiple programs which are designed to fit the individual needs of our dealers. Our entire process is quick, very simple and funding is immediate upon closing.


Most of our lending partners accept the following payment methods:

Bank or Cashier’s Checks

Money Orders

Personal Checks

Debit/Credit Cards

Automatic Payment Transactions

***MYDEALERCAPITAL.COM offers programs which allow our dealers to keep customer payments onsite.

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