//Self Confidence, The Secret to Your Success

Self Confidence, The Secret to Your Success

Self-confidence is the only exit, from your present season.¨ — Mike Murdock

Self-confidence is believing that you should be celebrated for your uniqueness. Self-confidence is a POWER that determines what you attract, or repel.  Self-confidence is knowing that you belong.  Self-confidence destroys doubt, intimidates your enemies, and inspires your friends.  Self-confidence has everything to do with the future that you create for yourself.  Self-confidence is not arrogance or cockiness, but an inner recognition of your greatness.

Your self-confidence is something that is perceived by others; it is transmitted through the air.

When you walk in a room, people sense your level of self-confidence and respond accordingly. Your confidence, be it great or small, is constantly emitting a signal that others are receiving.

People listen to you, believe you, and follow you, based on the amount of confidence that you are projecting.  And the amount of confidence that you are projecting is based on the inner picture that you have of yourself.  You will always act like the person you think you are, your inner picture will always determine your behavior.

…How you see yourself…your level of confidence, determines how people treat you, and how far you go in life.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is knowing that your uniqueness, your talents, your background, and your experiences have all culminated to make you, an original work of art. Confidence is knowing that there is none like you, and none who can do what you do.

Confidence is the keen understanding that those who come into your presence are coming into contact with greatness, the likes of which have never been seen before; the likes of which will never be seen again, so they should take notes.

When you’re confident, you can tell people, take a good look at me, because you will never see anything like this again.  You can say, listen to me, because you’ll never hear anything like this again.  You can say, pay attention to me, because I’m about to do, what will never be done again.

When you’re confident, you know that there’s nobody like you…you’re authentic!

The Bad News

Unfortunately, since your birth, others have not appreciated your authenticity and your greatness.  If you talked too much, they told you to be quiet, if you were quiet, they told you to speak up!  They didn’t understand your difference.  It never occurred to them that your silence, or your talkativeness, was directly connected to your potential.

Personally, I’ve never been given to much speech, my entire life I’ve been told to speak up, don’t be so quiet.

You see, people will despise your difference, when they don’t understand it; and if you’re not careful, they will cause you to despise your difference.  They will ask you to abort the key to your destiny, because they don’t get it.

This is why Plato said, ¨Know thyself.¨  If you don’t know your strengths, you’ll let other people devalue you and call you defective.

Like I said earlier, they use to tell me to speak up, say something, say more, it never occurred to them that I didn’t speak like a lawyer, because I’m not a lawyer…I’m a judge!

A judge doesn’t say too much, the judge doesn’t move too much, but when the judge speaks, you better be listening, when the judge moves his hand to wrap that gavel, you better be paying attention.

What am I saying?

You have to know yourself, and you have to know your difference, you have to know what makes you unique, and you have to know what you can do, that others can’t do, this knowledge is the source of your confidence.

Talk to Yourself

Now it’s time to talk to yourself!  You have to remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished in the past, you have to remind yourself of how great you are, and you have to remind yourself that there is genius on the inside of you, waiting to be released.

You have to learn to talk to yourself.  No one encourages me, like I encourage me, no one believes in me, like I believe in me, no one is more convinced of my greatness than I am.

If nobody is telling you that you’re going to make it, tell it to yourself!

When you walk in a room, say ¨I’m here, so everything’s going to be alright.¨

You must have confidence in YOU!  Your confidence has everything to do with the quality of your life.  It has everything to do with you achieving your goals.  It has everything to do with you accomplishing the impossible.  Your confidence is directly proportional to your success, and it is the secret to your success.

Remind yourself of your greatness, less you forget.  Learn to recognize, develop, honor and talk to yourself about your unique gifts.  Your confidence may be small today, but if you keep on talking to yourself, one day you will be unstoppable.

So walk tall, shoulders back, all the while thinking about what a unique creation you are.  We are privileged to be in your presence, we are privileged to know your name, and we are privileged to witness all that you are destined to accomplish.

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