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Consulting Services

At our team will work with your operational leaders to develop a plan that will make your vision a reality. will spend time analyzing your business, seeing what you do well — but more importantly — where you need to progress. Certain inadequacies may be things you can get away with in the early phases of your business, but if you are serious about growing and ascending, these issues will have to be worked out.
At our consultants will provide overall insight, direction and leadership in all facets of call-center operations. will provide recommendations regarding current personnel and hiring when appropriate. These include:
  • Complete Trending Analysis of Underwriting
  • Collections Remarketing 
  • Repossession
  • Insurance Titles
  • Quality Compliance Performance

We will develop practices to increase overall contact rate with the current customer base and trends of importance. We focus on regulatory requirements including:

  • TCPA
  • FCRA
  • GLB

While staying within company compliance policies, we ensure timely staff education while developing specific objectives, budgets, and performance standards (KPI’s) for each department.

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