//3 Main Benefits of Knowing Your Strengths

3 Main Benefits of Knowing Your Strengths

According to some studies on crocodiles, the croc can apply as much as 5000 pounds of pressure (per square inch), with the closing of its jaws. That’s enough pressure to crush your skull, and yet, you can hold a crocodiles mouth shut with your bare hands.

All of the crocodile’s strength, all of its power, its reputation, and the terror itstrikes in its victims, is due to the power that exists when it closes its jaws.

It’s entirely irrelevant that you could hold the crocodile’s mouth shut with yourbare hands. No one is thinking about the crocodile’s weaknesses when they’re in the water witnessing its strength.

3 Benefits of Knowing Your Strengths:

1. Confidence

Recently I was asked to drive to a certain location in Houston, Texas (USA). Note: I am not from Houston, Texas, but was visiting Houston for the holidays. I responded to this request by saying, “You should probably let someone else go, if I go, I will not be able to find my way back.” They said, “You’ll be fine, it’s not that far from here. To which I responded“That doesn’t matter, I will get lost.

The “homing chip/internal GPS” that exists in most human beings, was not given to me. So unfortunately, I get lost everywhere I go, and yet, I remain confident in myselfThat is, I remain confident in my other abilities. I don’t let what I can’t do discourage me from what I can do. I may not be able to find my way to the grocery store in your community, however, there are a handful of things that I do perform very well. When you know and understand your strengths, you become okay with your weaknesses.

If you were good at everything, that wouldn’t even be fair. So be confident in what you do know, and when you don’t know, just say I don’t know, I can’t be amazing at everything.

2. Distinguishes You

Your strengths separate you from others, they distinguish you. Your strengths also demoralize, decimate, and disturb your enemies, who would much prefer that you were not distinguished.

Some time ago, I saw a fish out of water, it looked like the dumbest creature, just laying on its side, helpless; opening and closing its mouthit just looked out of place. But when it got back in the water, it moved with a grace, a beauty, an effortless exquisiteness that was beyond human duplicationYou see, when you are where you belong, using your strengths, no one can compete with you, you are distinguished, you are unique.

3. Creates Awareness of Your Weaknesses

Your greatest strength can become useless, if you don’t understand how that strength also weakens you. If all of your strength is in “closing” your jaws, then it is self-evident that you would have a limited ability to “open” your jaws (that just makes sense). Your strengths have weaknesses, and your weaknesses will almost always be a direct byproduct of your strengths. The most passionate person, will also have the greatest capacity for rage. The most perceptive person, will also have the greatest capacity to mistrust. The bold will have the greatest capacity to be arrogant. You must understand the other side of your strengths, so that you can manage this behavior.

An Example

My wife has certain rules for me to follow when it comes to putting up dishes afterI finish eating or drinking something throughout the day. For 12 consecutive years, I have not been able to grasp these rules. In our kitchen we have two dishwashers and two sets of sinks, at certain times, and based on certain criteria, I’m supposed to use one dishwasher versus the other, sometimes it’s okay to put the dishes in the sink, and sometimes it’s not, sometimes the dishes need to be rinsed first, and sometimes they don’t, and so on and so forth. Suffice it to say, I still don’t understand the rules. Why? Primarily because my strength does not lie in understanding rules surrounding washing dishes. I am as dumb as a fish out of water in this area. I do not do very well with the overtly mundane, all of my strength is focused on the big picture, big goals! Yes, sometimes I have to do the mundane, but it’s not what I do best, and I’m okay with that.

In Closing

Do you know your strengths? Do you understand them, have you grasped your limitations? The answers to these questions will determine the quality of your life.

Don’t be afraid of your weaknesses, embrace them, understand that you are too talented — to be good at everything. Additionally, you must recognize your strengths, because when your strengths are being displayed, no one will notice your imperfections.


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