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Just Do It

If you want to get promoted on your job, get fit, go back to school, write a book, launch an album, or a business, I have the solution for you…

Quit talking about it, stop waiting for permission, and do it…

At the end of the day, all the talk, and all the reasons, and all of the excuses, count for absolutely nothing – a chasing after the wind.  You’re wasting time that could have been used productively to actually: “do it.”

Socrates said “to do, is to be;” the only thing that matters is what you’re doing today.  Are you on track “right now,” or are you making excuses.  In a very real sense, tomorrow never comes; either you do it today, or it never gets done.

You see, when what you call “tomorrow” comes, you’ll rename it “today,” and if your mindset hasn’t changed to this “do it” mindset that I’m referring to, then you don’t have a future, you don’t have a tomorrow, you just have a longer today – more of the same is personally guaranteed.

What am I saying?

When all the talk is over…you still have to “do it.”   Do what?  Earn it, work for it, bust your butt, be uncomfortable, go through the pain; you have to do whatever it takes…there are no short-cuts.

You might be thinking, “But it’s hard”…do it anyway…

“Well, I might not have any free time”…do it anyway…

“Well, the bank said no”…do it anyway…

“My wife won’t let me”…do it anyway!

Just do it!

And in the words of A.L. Williams, “Do it, and do it, and do it, and do it…” and when you’re done doing it, do it some more, and then do it some more, and then do it some more, and never stop doing it.

But, I don’t feel like doing it….Well, “do it anyway,” do it until you feel like doing it, do it until you enjoy doing it, do it until you love doing it…do it until you can’t get enough…do it, and do it, and do it, and do it…

…You don’t start off “feeling like” doing it, but if you stay focused, one day you’ll be excited to “do it”….

But what if I have NO motivation to “do it”?

If you’re not motivated to do it, then why in-the-hell are you doing it?  You can’t do what you’re not motivated to do!  You can’t achieve success, if you’re not motivated to succeed; you must be driven by an inner vision of what might be – you must have a grand conception of the future.  You can’t do what you can’t see; you can’t become what you can’t perceive – …you just can’t.

Isaiah wrote, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”  …In other words, the people don’t make progress; the people fall by the way-side.

If you can’t see yourself “fit,” or launching a business today (like right now), it can never happen tomorrow.

If you don’t have a strong vision….maybe you don’t really want it.

At some point in your life you have to be “real” with yourself, you have to say, “I don’t really want it…if I have to work that hard for it, I don’t want it!”  Be real – “god-dog-it” at least be honest with yourself!  At one time I thought I wanted to be a billionaire, but the reality is that I do not have the motivation to become a billionaire.  It would be nice if someone gave me a billion dollars, but to work hard for it seems like a waste of my resources (if I’m being honest with myself) – that’s a goal best left to others, those who have the energy, the passion, and the vision to achieve such a goal.  You may be the same way, it might be nice if someone magically made you “fit,”but you don’t want to be fit at all cost; you simply don’t have a vision for fitness.  You don’t have a strong enough reason to be fit.

As I quoted earlier, where there is no vision the people perish, but I also like to say, where there is a vision, the people prosper.  When you have a “clear” vision, when you can “clearly” see the end from the beginning…when you really believe that you can achieve the goal, you’re almost there; just believing that you can achieve it is most of the work – it’s really that simple.  When you believe, victory becomes “sweatless,” like taking candy from a baby.  You become driven by a force that won’t let you stop until the goal is achieved.  You’ll slam through walls and kick down doors until the goal is achieved.

When I am committed to a goal, nothing can stop me but the achievement of that goal.  …I know how to see the goal (in my mind’s eye) as already complete; I know that I can do anything that I really want to do.  I know that if I can see it, I can achieve it.

It’s not impossible to write a book, or go back to school, or get promoted, or get fit, or start a successful blog.  These things are all well within the realm of possibility – far from impossible.  But can you perceive it?  We’re not talking about the impossible (e.g. we’re not talking about becoming a professional football player at 65 years of age).  Other people have done what you’re trying to do, people you know, people just like you, all you need to do is believe and let that belief carry you to victory.

If you can see it and believe it, the truth is, you will achieve it.

If you’re not achieving the goal, it’s only because you’re not seeing it and believing it.  Get clear on why you want to accomplish this goal; then see yourself succeeding in your mind’s eye.

Everywhere you go, hold this image of success in your mind, believe that it’s possible, because it is, and you will surely achieve it.

Mr. Self Development is an author who teaches a motivational and practical guide to success. Please visit him at Mr. Self Development.com.

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